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Wellbeing Wednesday – Wellbeing workshops

Spotlight on…Wellbeing workshops

Following a very successful workshop for Business School students on 15 February, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of the other sessions run by the service, which students can book onto, or download the slides to look at in their own time.

Some of the sessions coming up include:


Budgeting Resilience workshops, starting from Friday 26 February

This is a bespoke programme for students called ‘Budgeting Resilience’ to help you lay a solid foundation for your post university life. Budgeting is a way to manage costs throughout and after education. This is not only relevant to ‘cash’ but other sources: ‘time’, ‘wellbeing’, ‘prioritising’, ‘workload’ and ‘relationships’. ‘Investing’ now will benefit a future life and career.

It consists of 4 workshops:

  1. Introduction to financial wellness
  2. What are the financial and mental wellnesses?
  3. How to be the boss of your budget
  4. Follow up and Q and A.

There are limited places available on the workshop series and you can find out how to book here. Although it is aimed at NUL students, Business School students are welcome to attend.


Presentations and anxiety – a user’s guide

In partnership with the Writing Development Centre (WDC), Student Health and Wellbeing Services present a discussion-based workshop about how to manage anxiety during presentations. The format will be similar to a podcast, the facilitators will share their knowledge of the subject and respond to questions during the session. If you’ve got any questions about managing anxiety for presentations you can send an email to: wdc@newcastle.co.uk or just ask on the day!


Building confidence in social situations

Would you like to overcome shyness and gain confidence in interpersonal interactions? Do you worry about meeting new people? Does anxiety interfere with socialising? Try this workshop to develop tips for feeling good about yourself. We will explore self-acceptance and change your critical self-talk.



This session is designed to help you understand the factors that contribute to increased symptoms of stress and how these are maintained. This is an opportunity to understand the difference between stress and distress and discuss coping strategies to help build the resilience to cope more effectively.


Overcoming procrastination

Most of us are familiar with the struggle to complete a task as we can find ourselves procrastinating. This workshop aims to develop practical strategies to help you break any procrastination habits you may have. We will not be looking at the underlying reasons why we procrastinate, rather focussing on practical ways to positively change this behaviour.


How to sleep

Good enough sleep, not too much and not too little, is a cornerstone of our physical and mental health. Unfortunately, a healthy amount of sleep is not always easy to achieve. This workshop will tell you all you need to know about:

  • why sleep matters,
  • the barriers to healthy sleep, and, most importantly,
  • what you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep

We know how important taking care of our mental health is in the current circumstances, which is why these and many other workshops aimed at helping students are available. You can view more and book onto any sessions via the links here.

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