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Wellbeing Wednesday Update – Academic Skills Kit (ASK)

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This week we are highlighting the support available via ASK (Academic Skills Kit).

ASK has advice on developing your academic skills and information about where you can go for support. On these pages, you will find advice and guidance and resources to develop your academic skills.

Whether you’re writing your first essay or doing a PhD, ASK is for all students. Have a look around and see what is useful for your work.

Just ASK

You can also get support in person; all you need to do is ask.

The where to go pages give the details of the student services that support you during your academic study.

Whether you want to work on your maths, or develop your critical analysis or need some help with a literature search there are services in the university that can help.

As well as practical tools like how to reference, virtual study and assessment and exams, there is range of advice including support for time management, notetaking and the transition to university.

Support is available via services including:

  • Maths Aid
  • Writing Development Centre
  • Language Resource Centre
  • Numeracy advice and tools for specific subject areas such as Finance

And don’t forget the Students’ Union. They can give you information and guidance on academic matters too, and they feed back your views on your degree programmes to the university.

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