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Wellbeing Wednesday – Library Services

Spotlight on…Library Services

Hello again from the Library on this Wellbeing Wednesday!

It’s a new year and you will have a new set of priorities and a new set of assignments and deadlines. I know this year didn’t start out as we had all hoped, but let’s take a moment to see how the Library can help you start your year on the right foot and hopefully ease some of your stresses and worries.

Please take a moment to watch this short welcome video from your Social Sciences Library Liaison team, highlighting some of our key services to help you: https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/4ba8849b-afcf-4b4d-b1c4-ed832d70a961

*You may have to log-in to Office 365 with your University user name and password to watch videos via Stream*. Please note that you currently are unable to book a study space in the Philip Robinson Library as stated in the video



Library services update

If you are in Newcastle, bookable individual study spaces are available at the Marjorie Robinson Library (Monday to Sunday 08:30-20:00), and in the Walton Library (Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00). These need to be booked in advance and students will need their smartcards to access these. Remember not to come to the Library more than 5 minutes before your booked time.  When you arrive either scan the QR code on the desk, or visit the link found below the QR code and enter your check-in code from your email. If you forget to check in, the booking system will automatically cancel your booking after 20 minutes, and the space will be available for someone else to book. You can also use the Space Finder to find alternative study spaces across campus.

You will need to clean the desk both before and after you leave. Cleaning materials are stationed throughout the Library to allow you to do this, as well as hand sanitizer.

The Library is also running a Click and Collect service, with designated pick up times. When you need to return books there are drop off points, beside the front door of the Phillip Robinson Library, and at building main entrance and outside the Library entrance of the Medical School.

For those student living off campus (in the UK only), our Click and Post service lets you request print books for delivery. Just as you would for Click and Collect, but rather than collecting them from the Library we will post them to where you are studying.

**Please note that these services are subject to change at short notice, so please check the Library website for the latest news and information.




It’s that time year again that a lot of you might be embarking on your dissertation, which can mean only one thing… a literature search. There are many ways the Library can help you with your searching, but a great starting point would be to fill in our interactive search planner. This planner will guide you through breaking down your dissertation / project question into searchable terms and help you focus your thinking on what type of information you need. It will also help you decide where you need to search for the information and how you’re going to manage your research along the way. Once you have filled it in, you can print or save the planner so you can refer back to it and add to it during your literature searching. If you would like feedback and help with your planner, you can also email it to us, your Library Liaison team. For other tips and advice on getting started on your dissertation, check out our Dissertation and Projects Guide.


How else can the Library help you:

  • Since March 2020 the Library has purchased over 70,000 e-books, so you can now access over 607,450 different titles via Library Search. E-books are a great way to access the essential reading for your studies and include features that will help you find relevant sections more quickly.
  • You can also recommend books for your studies or research. We are focusing on e-book versions at this time, so let us know if you have a suggestion for a new title or an electronic version of an existing book in print, and we will do our best to purchase it. We also have our Interlibrary Loan service for accessing books, articles, conference proceedings etc. that we are unable to purchase or access.
  • Our Subject Guides are created by our Liaison Librarians and are collections of subject specific resources to help you discover reliable and authoritative information for your studies. So if you are still feeling information overload, then visit our Business Subject Guide, here you will find authoritative business related resources to support your studies. Remember, if your studies are interdisciplinary, you might have to use multiple guides to ensure you find relevant resources.
  • Our Skills Guides are also an excellent place to visit to boost your Library skills – these Guides give help on how to find, evaluate and manage (reference) your information,  and includes an excellent Guide on support for dissertations and research projects.
  • As Lorna has already mentioned in our video, the Social Sciences Liaison team are available to meet (via Zoom or Teams) for a one-to-one appointment to help you on any aspect of library skills that you need help with. You can book an appointment via our booking form.
  • Our Academic Skills Kit (ASK) helps develop positive study habits, such as studying online, independent learning, motivation, time management, online assessment plus much more. Visit the ASK website for available support and resources.
  • The Writing Development Centre (WDC) can help you with planning, writing and using sources appropriately in your assignments. They can help review any feedback you have had to help with your future writing and offer one-to-ones, workshops and distance tutorials.
  • Our Be well@NCL collection is a collection of tried and tested books chosen in conjunction with the Student wellbeing team and other health professionals. The books deal with issues that we all go through at some point in our lives, and include topics such as stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep problems, eating disorders, depression, OCD, fears, and bereavement. Find out more about our collection on the Be well@NCL website or on the University’s iNCLude wellbeing app. Some of the collection is accessible in eBook format, while others you can order and pick up through our Click and Collect Service and our Click and Post service.
  • Keep an eye out for bookable live sessions with the Library this coming Enrichment week (first week of March). We will be doing sessions on library skills in general, literature searching and on referencing – more information will be on our blogsocial media and the Library Website in the coming weeks.


The most important thing to remember is that the Library and all of our lovely staff are to help you with any Library related query, 24/7 – contact us by email, chat or by social media to ask any question regarding the Library services and resources.

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