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Wellbeing Wednesday – Language Resource Centre

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This week we are highlighting the support available via the Language Resource Centre.


Language Resource Centre

The Centre is dedicated to the promotion of a “world view” and cross-cultural communication, as well as learning languages. A survey carried out by the Routes into Languages educational initiative into why people learn languages found that “because it is fun” ranked second to “boosting career opportunities”.

During the COVID restrictions the physical Centre has remained open (limited access) to members, but you must book in advance. The Centre also has a great range of online opportunities. Newcastle University LRC supports independent language learning and tandem learning.

The Centre runs online peer assisted conversation classes in many languages, as well as one-to-one language advice sessions. There is a vibrant international ‘Online Tandem Board’ operating with over 260 individuals (via Microsoft Teams) sharing their languages and cultural experiences. The Centre has an ‘Online Tandem partnership’ with nine institutions in Europe, offering tandem exchange opportunities in German, French and Spanish. Currently there are over two hundred Newcastle students involved in this. The Centre offers various software packages to allow you to explore a new language or just dabble in one that you might have learnt at school. By exploring the catalogues, you can order physical resources (books, CDs, etc) that can be collected.

There is an amazing range (over 8,000 items) of international films, recorded TV programmes and learning opportunities available to Newcastle students wherever they happen to be in the world, on the World TV and Film IPTV system. It is ideal for those winter evenings when the run-of-the mill Netflix stuff just does not do it! Find out more at https://iptv.ncl.ac.uk/.

The facilities are available free of charge to all Newcastle University staff and students who register, and you can find out how to do this by exploring the website and completing the membership form. Once you become a member you have access to all the facilities and resources on Canvas and Microsoft Teams.

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