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A lot of work goes into your application, you battle through the different stages but at the final stage it’s a ‘no’. Being turned down is never easy, here are top tips for what to do next:

Don’t overanalyse –‘was my handshake good enough? – Interview processes aren’t perfect and they may have a person type in mind that just didn’t fit for you.

Demonstrate a resilient mind-set – meet the challenge constructively – nobody get every job they apply for – don’t give up!

Follow up with the employer – act on feedback to improve for next time. If you didn’t have enough experience, ask what experience the successful candidate has – you could strengthen future applications. Say how impressed you were with them and if their chosen candidate doesn’t work out, you’d still be interested…. you never know.

Talk it through with a Careers Adviser, some interview coaching might build up your confidence for next time. – Call into the Careers Centre in King’s Gate, or contact us by phone, skype or email if you’re away from Newcastle

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