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It’s getting to that time of the year again…exam season. It can be a time with lots of stress and not much sleep, where both tension and workloads are large! Therefore I’ve come up with five top tips for exam times.

1. Plan

The best way to avoid stress is to plan what you’re doing when. By structuring your day carefully, giving yourself enough time to get the work done, relax, do the things you enjoy, exercise, eat and sleep, you can feel on top of things whilst maintaining a healthy life style.

2. Balance

This ties in with planning but I believe it’s a point in its own right! The best way to stay happy through this busy time is to keep a balance in your life. A balance between work and fun, a balance of sleep and activity, and a balanced plate at meal times. In other words, eat right, get enough sleep, work hard but also give yourself time to relax – it all makes a difference. If you work hard to create the right balance for you, you can stay healthy and happy through the working period.

3. Know how you learn

Once you’ve planned your balanced days its important to guarantee the revision work you’re doing is making the most impact it can. So make sure you think about the learning style you have (there are lots of tests online you can do) to make the most of your time. If you’re finding you’re getting bored doing the same method for everything, then shake it up. There are loads of different ways to learn and lots of tests and information just a Google away.

4. Pack your bag the day before

It seems obvious but pack the stuff you’ll need for any exams well before you set off. Write out a list of what you’ll need then tick it off as it goes in your bag. Trust me you’ll thank yourself when you see that person frantically running to find a calculator because they left their’s at home.

5. Breathe

Take a second and breathe. It all gets too much and you’re feeling panicked and overloaded, take a second close your eyes count to five then work out what you can do. When you’re in the exam hall don’t forget to take a second and gather yourself before you start.

Whatever happens remember you’ve got this. Even if you could have done more there’s no point leaving a blank space so be confident, think hard and do your best!

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