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As we continue to get used to virtual meetings and ways of working, we thought it’d be useful to share with you some top tips for recording a selfie-video. This could be for a virtual job application, or creating a short profile!

Framing your selfie-video

  • For most videos being recorded selfie-style, you’ll want to frame as a “mid-shot”. This means ensuring your head, shoulders and top of your torso are all visible in the middle of the frame.
  • Try to keep a small gap above your head and the top of the frame
  • Keep some space to the left and right, so your face is not filling the frame in an extreme close up
  • Ensure your camera is at eye height so you’re not looking up or down on the camera.
  • Make sure you film with your device in landscape rather than portrait

Scene and location

  • Make sure there’s nothing in the background of the shot you don’t want people seeing
  • Try to avoid the main source of light being behind you, such as an outfacing window. This will “backlight” your shot causing your face to be quite dark and hard to see.
  • Try to make sure where you’re filming is as quiet as possible
  • Don’t stand too far away from the camera unless you’re using an external mic. This will avoid your voice being lost amongst background noise


  • If at all possible use a modern mobile device or a DSLR camera with video recording ability
  • Set your file format to maximum capability and highest resolution (1080p or better)
  • If using a mobile device record using the front-facing camera, this way you can see your framing before you start

General tips

  • You don’t need to be statue still but try not to move around too much when recording – this can cause auto-focus in older cameras to struggle to keep focus.
  • Smile looking into the camera for a second or two before starting
  • Introduce yourself and what you’re going to talk about
  • Say goodbye and then hold a smile on camera for a second or two

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