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Our Student services here at Newcastle University offer a wide range of services geared towards caring and guiding students in the right direction. Located in King’s Gate, they offer care and advice to prospective, current and past students. Read on to see some of the services you can take advantage of.

Health and well being

While focusing on your studies, social life and maybe your job, its so easy to forget your health. We want you to be and feel the best, that’s why Student Services makes this service a top priority. They offer confidential support to students with personal problems or emotional and mental health difficulties, disability, long-term medical condition or learning difficulty.

Academic Support

From registration and documentation to change of circumstances, the student services offers support concerning wide range of academics issues. Issues with exams? lost your smartcard? changing to a new programme or taking a break from uni? or even getting council tax exemptions certificates, bank letters… you name it! The student services offers these and lots more. Check the Student Progress website for more info.

Career and work

Thinking of a career, starting your own business, or further study? The Careers Services offer a range of support to help you maximise your potential. There are Careers Consultants assigned to the Business School and they can help with career advice, getting you ready for job applications and interviews, placements, internships and part-time jobs, CVs, building career networks and contacts.. They can also help you decide what to do after your graduation such as finding graduate vacancies. These services are available while you’re studying and up to 3 years after you’ve graduated.


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You’re away from home and have probably never handled tenancy issues, now you’re thinking “how do I go about this”. Luckily you’ve got the Student Services for help with issues ranging from Uni accommodation allocation to advice on general accommodation concerns and rent/debt advice. Whether your concerns are about Uni accommodation or private rental, be sure to check the Accommodation website or head over to King’s Gate for a chat.


Whether you’re having financial difficulties or not sure about the steps involved in paying your fees, the student services are there for you. They can offer information, advice and guidance on finances, as well as short-term emergency loans and funding to ease unexpected financial difficulties. If you’re seeking scholarships or bursaries, this is also the right place to go. Check out Student Financial Support for more info.

Visa Support

For international students, the student services offer support on immigration issues such as Visa renewals, police registration, post graduation work visa issues, etc. If you have any issues regarding your visa, it is best to check the visa team website and contact the student services immediately.

The Student Services has a list of services to offer be sure to check the Services Across Campus to see all they offer and the Student Services website for contact details.

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