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Spotlight on … Our Mental Health Apps

iNCLude App

The iNCLude self-help app is designed to help students take small steps to improve and maintain their wellbeing, not just mental health.

The app has been designed with specialists, using evidence-based methodology and looks at how to maximise the student experience at Newcastle by creating positive habits to ensure you are focussing on more than just your academic studies. It looks at encouraging you to following the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing:

– Connect

– Be Active

– Take Notice

– Keep Learning

– Give

We advise students to keep an eye on the news feed to see what wellbeing events and opportunities are going on across campus, to keep track of positive habits and learn some great coping skills. The app has been providing targeted support to students during lockdown, with regular challenges and reminders to take care of yourself. This semester they have had ‘Tiny Habits’ to help you make small changes to improve your wellbeing, podcasts to help you through the pandemic, sleep meditations, and tips to improve your workspace and get the most out of online learning.

This app is exclusive to students with a Newcastle.ac.uk email address. Registered students can download iNCLude using the QR code below. Although most active during term time, the app will continue providing help and reminders throughout the summer break.

If you know anyone who is getting ready to start university, there is a new ‘future students’ part of the app for new starters to help them prepare for life as a student at Newcastle University. With information and advice on transitions, preparing for University, student life at Newcastle, finances and fresher’s events – they’ll find everything they need in one place. Download through iOs: https://tinyurl.com/4rme9be8 or Google Play: https://tinyurl.com/4kprc9nb



TalkCampus is a free, private, multi-language service delivered via an app, where students can talk with other students from around the world about the ups and downs of life. Your student email address will give you free access and you can download TalkCampus from the app stores. The app includes blogs, podcasts, resources, reminders and challenges.

TalkCampus is anonymous and it isn’t run by Newcastle University. We won’t be able to see if you are using it, and you won’t be able to see where other students are located. As TalkCampus is based around peer support, you can use it if you need some help yourself or you can go on there to listen and support others. If do wish to sign up as a supporter, please email nubs.placementandstudyabroad@newcastle.ac.uk and we will put you in touch with the appropriate team for an induction.

The platform is safe, moderated and is designed as a place where students can just be themselves. Student life can be tough, and we know sometimes you might not want to talk to the university about how you’re feeling. It is important to remember that TalkCampus is not a replacement for counselling or professional support, however it is a great place to start talking and to know that however you are feeling right now, you are not alone.

We advise students to download it before you need it and share it with other students. You can read more about TalkCampus, with links to download here.

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