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Software Access for Students

Please note the following software access information:


  • Matlab Online: further Information for those of you, via the university’s Matlab licence, who wish to use Matlab Online; or to download the software to a personal machine:
  1. To do so, you need to setup a Mathworks account, at uk.mathworks.com
  2. You should use your university email address (using newcastle.ac.uk)
  3. You should select Newcastle University as their institution
  4. When asked to link a licence, you should enter this activation key: 16564-43975-68627-79450-89474
  5. This will associate your Mathworks Account with the “Individual” licence type; and ensure that when you then want to login to Matlab Online (or to install and use Matlab on your machine), you will be prompted to enter the university login and password associated with your email address before you are allowed to use the software


*Important – For both DataStream and Stata please note that due to current IT restrictions only a maximum of 25 students can access either of these pieces of software at the same time. So please ensure you follow the instructions for these two systems carefully and remember to log out once you have finished your session.

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