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The current situation in the world, with all the restrictions and constant worry about the wellbeing of our friends and family has had a huge impact on everyone’s mental health. We needed to adjust to the utterly different reality, set new routines, reflect on our lives and find little joys in every day so we could move forward. But if anything, this huge challenge has proved to us that we are all immensely capable of change, adapting to new conditions and coming up with brilliant solutions. In this post, I want to tell you about small things that I discovered and new routines I implemented into my life that bring me some happiness every day.


Time spent in nature

Going on daily walks and discovering new routes, parks and places has become a part of my daily routine. Not only does it make me more relaxed and grounded but also allows me to reflect more and feel reset and inspired for the rest of the day (I treat it as my mid-day break!). I also use this time to listen to some audiobook/podcast in the background or to call some of my family and friends. Luckily, in the North-East nature is basically everywhere you look which I absolutely love. Picnics in the sun with a few good friends is probably my personal definition of happiness!


Physical activity & fitness goals

Even though I have never been a big athlete, there is some truth in exercise stimulating endorphins production! Maybe it’s that feeling of satisfaction that comes from seeing your progress or getting some fresh air and sunlight after hours of sitting at your desk and staring at screens. All I know is that I can see a big boost in my mood whenever I exercise. So I try to stretch and do yoga every day, go for short runs and do some exercises with resistance bands on weekly basis. Since last year, I have been also setting yearly fitness goals which give me more motivation to stay consistent. Last year I achieved my goal of running 10K and this year I’m working on my splits!


Video chats & girlfriend dates

Nowadays, it is more crucial than ever to stay connected with friends and family. And so video chats have become my preferable way of communication as it’s simply so nice to see the other person and not only just hear their voice. Every once in a while, I also plan some virtual date nights with my girlfriends- we all make some good food, have some wine, watch a film together and have lots of laughs.


Planning & exploring

One of the things that make me excited about the future is making plans. There is nothing better than some healthy amount of daydreaming and piling up on your bucket list. Currently, I’m making a list of all the things and places I still want to do and visit while I’m here in Newcastle. There is so many cool stuff in the area and I can’t wait to start ticking them off when we are allowed to do so!


New hobbies

The lockdown left me with a lot of free time and energy which I needed to direct somewhere. So I started trying out lots of new things which I haven’t had the time to do before. I discovered clay moulding, started making digital collages in Procreate and experimenting with graphic design as well as attempted to learn tennis with my flatmate which was quite hilarious. And there is so much more to try out!




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