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Wellbeing & Support

Newcastle University’s Nightline Listening and Information Service

Nightline is a confidential and anonymous support service run by students for the benefit of students.

Need someone to talk to about any issues or upsets, from missed deadlines to mental health struggles? Nightline is a safe place to talk about all your troubles or just a friendly ear to listen.

All ears, all term, Nightline is open 08:00 – 20:00

Interested in volunteering for the Nightline?

Their team of sensitive and proactive student volunteers help the wider student community by managing Nightline.

As a Nightline volunteer, you will develop active listening skills, empathy, patience and gain a greater insight into student welfare.

For those of you who enjoy and thrive in this environment, you get the chance to apply for a committee position at the end of the year. This position is extremely rewarding as well as providing great experience which will really enhance any CV!

Interested yet? If you would like to help out your fellow students and gain so invaluable experience along the way, please email nightline@ncl.ac.uk for more information.


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