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Staggering into the Robinson Library sleepy eyed and caffeine infused, searching aimlessly for a seat. We would all like to think we could turn up at 9:00am, when the library is dead, to bag a space – but that is reserved for the hardcore only.

Once you have your seat, we all have to pray our possessions will not be banished by the library wardens as we pop to the toilet or for a (much needed) coffee.  God forbid you fall asleep and end up on Spotted. Or even worse – you play the Spice Girls while you revise in the comfort of your earphones, unbeknown the music is playing aloud and everyone is watching… then you end up on Spotted (who ever this girl was this morning, you made my day).

How about the girl who whispers like an amplifier to her friend ALWAYS conveniently, sat next door to you? Or the boy Youtubing ‘fat woman falls down hole’ (this is worth a watch…) distracting you from your own work? Its examination time, and revision is hard work.

Revision Tips:

The Independent’s tips for first and final year students

The Guardian’s tips for Christmas revision 

Top Mark’s Top 10 Tips

The Student Room’s ‘Share Your Revision Tips’ Page

So the best advice I can give is to: focus, grab a cup of tea and to keep calm, and carry on.

Best of luck with your exams!

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