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Important information regarding Dawsonera ebook titles

Dawson Books who provide the university with a small percentage of ebook titles via the Dawsonera platform has sadly gone into administration. 

The library is working hard to move all affected titles to a new ebook platform – only a handful of titles will be outstanding when the Dawsonera becomes unavailable from Friday 31 July. 

Unfortunately, the imminent termination of the Dawsonera, of which we have only just become aware, will mean that any personal notes made against texts in the Dawsonera platform will become inaccessible after 31 July 2020. You should ensure that these are backed up before this data if these are important to you. 

Apologies for the late notice of these changes – as you will appreciate, things have moved swiftly due to the administration. We are hopeful that the vast majority of users will have no impact through automatically being redirected to a new platform to access affected ebooks previously available through Dawsonera. 

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