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How to be effective in psychometric tests

What is a psychometric test and why should we care about it?

A psychometric test is the most common manner to assess intelligence, skills and personality used as part of the recruitment process by employers. Recruiters use the outcomes from these tests to decide whether you would be a suitable match for the company to which you are applying. Therefore in order to increase the chances of getting a job, you ought to be as efficient as possible in that process. These tests can have various forms. Verbal, numerical, diagrammatic reasoning, situation judgement, questionnaires, etc.

How to improve psychometric test solving skills?

According to a large number of recruiters there is only one way, practice! By increasing your level of familiarity and experience with these tests, perfecting your technique and strategical approach will give you a lot of more confidence and as a result… better scores.

The University provides resources for practicing and improving psychometric test skills. On the Career’s Service website you have access to a large number of tests in order to get prepared for real time situations. As well as this. Careers Advisers are more than willing to assist you. You can visit the Career’s Service, located at Kings Gate building, for help and guidance.

Finally if you don’t feel confident in your math skills, Maths Aid can provide you with assistance and advice on all aspects of maths and statistics!

So why you don’t take advantage of the services provided for you by the University and enhance your skills and abilities that will lead you one step closer to your dream job?

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