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The Business School has established a number of ‘Wellbeing Support Initiatives’ that are currently available to help you during this time – all of which you can access remotely.

What’s new?    

Student Support in the Business School – Counsellor and Mental Health Adviser

The Business School is rolling out ‘in-house’ Student Wellbeing Support which is exclusively available to you, as one of our Business School students. This service enables you to book direct appointments with a trained counsellor (Lisa) or mental health adviser (Emer). This is in addition to the central support you can access via the University’s Student Health & Wellbeing service.

How can I access the service?

Assessment Appointment Service:

If you feel you may require support with a mental health issue, you can request an assessment appointment. During the assessment appointment, Student Health and Wellbeing will discuss the range of support available to you and which option might best suit your needs. This may include options such as:

  • time focused counselling
  • signposting to other specialist services, either within the University or externally

These appointments are available straight away via Microsoft Teams or via a telephone appointment. In the future, you will continue to be given the option of telephone appointments or appointments can be held in person in either the Frederick Douglass Centre, Kings Gate or in the Student Union – you can choose your preferred location to suit yourself.

You can book and cancel your own appointments at studenthealthandwellbeing.ncl.ac.uk. You should select Student Login and use your university student login details. Alternatively, you can email sws.therapyappointments@ncl.ac.uk and they can arrange the appointment for you.

What other services are available

‘Brand New’ Drop-in service for Business School students:

The Business School are also piloting a new drop-in support virtual service. designed for situations where you do not need a regular appointment but you may want to speak to someone about an issue that might be impacting upon your health and wellbeing.

You can now book a 20-minute slot to speak with our counsellor who can give you advice and guidance on what health and wellbeing services to use.  Examples of some of the things that might be on your mind could include:

  • I find myself worrying about my academic work. Is it just me or does everyone worry?
  • I spoke with my family at the weekend and now I really miss them!  Is this normal?
  • At the weekend I argued with my friend and now it’s really on my mind! Who could I speak to about it?
  • After watching the news this week, I’m really worried about my future. What should I do?
  • I’m struggling to cope with current changing circumstances. How can I manage this?

From 27 April, there will be 20-minute drop in slots available on both Mondays and Fridays between 11:00 – 13:00. To book a slot, please contact: Sws.therapyappointments@ncl.ac.uk


ASK- Academic Support Toolkit

ASK has advice on developing your academic skills and information about where you can go for support.  The website brings together useful resources from across the University including the Library, Maths Aid, the Writing Development Centre (WDC) as well as practical guidance on how to plan, manage your time and make the most of revision.

This service can be accessed at: https://internal.ncl.ac.uk/ask/


Personal Tutors and Academic Guidance

You are also reminded of the role of the Personal Tutor.  Each student is allocated a Personal Tutor and you can find their details via your S3P if you aren’t already aware of who within the School you have been allocated.  Your Personal Tutor is there to support your personal and general academic development so do get in touch.

If you have any questions about your academic work, please continue to speak to your Module Leaders and Degree Programme Director (DPD) as usual.


Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

For general guidance on how the University is responding to Covid-19 and for Frequently Asked Questions about teaching and assessment, please visit the University webpages: https://www.ncl.ac.uk/wellbeing/coronavirus-updatedinformation/

Please do let us have your feedback on anything you would like to see more of or anything that we don’t offer currently that you would like to see.

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