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Easy things I do to lift my mood

Written by Roshni, Global Human Resource Management MSc

Getting outside

Whether it be for a run, walk, or to sit on a park bench, getting outside of my flat always brings me peace. It is safe to say that the number of walks I have gone on since the start of the pandemic has risen exponentially, but it never gets old. It’s an easy way to break up my schedule and also get my mind off uni-related stress. Recommended practices for your daily walk are: listening to a good podcast, people watching, or simply having an excuse to put on a cute outfit and stroll around town.

Making and sending cards to friends and family

Something I love doing to channel my creative side is handmaking greeting cards and mailing them to my friends and family. It’s always fun to receive a surprise letter in the mail, especially when it’s handmade. Sending letters is also an easy way to get away from Zoom calls or text messages. Yes, it might take a little longer for our loved ones to receive our correspondence, but it’s a fun way to be creative and show those close to us that we’re thinking of them.


Now, everyone may not agree with me on this, but cleaning always leaves me in a good mood. It’s really satisfying to have a space that is clean and organised. I find that when my desk or room is clean, I feel relaxed and have an easier time finding what I need. The act of cleaning can also boost my mood! Sometimes I play music or have a TV show playing in the background, and before I know it, the task is finished.

Celebrating every “win”

It’s realistic to understand that not every day will feel like a perfect day, but I like to accept the small things I’ve achieved and use them as a way to acknowledge my hard work. We are often busy being focused on big achievements that we overlook the smaller ones. I find that sharing my small wins with friends, writing them down, or making a mental note make me feel good about myself. These wins can vary in size and they don’t have to be difficult tasks to be celebration worthy. I find myself cheering myself on for sending an email that I’ve been putting off. Regardless, every little bit counts, and we deserve to celebrate our efforts!

Sweet treats from Les Petits Choux bakery

Treats from local bakeries

As the number of daily steps I take increases, I have allowed myself to have the ever-so-often visit to a local bakery. I have a major sweet tooth, and I love visiting a local café or patisserie for a well-deserved treat. Some of my favourite places in Newcastle are Les Petits Choux, Pink Lane Bakery, or Batch. It also makes me happy knowing that I’m supporting local businesses.

Planning trips (even if I never take them)

Something that gets me really excited for the future is the opportunity to travel again. With every good holiday comes a good plan. Planning and anticipating a trip can be almost as enjoyable as going on the trip itself. I love finding a destination that I dream of visiting, going onto Airbnb to find the perfect holiday home, and then planning out all of the things I would do on this “trip”. The best part is that I don’t even have to make any definitive bookings before I can start to enjoy the anticipation of going on this dream trip. I find myself getting so excited while planning an itinerary, that it can be a productive form of distraction from every-day stressors.


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