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The days of hurrying to the library far away from the Business School and back so you can meet up with lectures are over! You can now drop off your long loan books at the drop-off point in the Frederick Douglas Centre, right next to the reception. In case you’re not aware, the Frederick Douglas Centre is the University’s new Learning and Teaching Centre, only three minutes away from the Business School. Lectures are already on going in the centre, even you may have had some there.   Now there’s no excuse not to return those books you loaned a long time ago! Just pop them in your bag and head over to the Frederick Douglas Centre. Returning your loaned books at the right time will give other students the chance to study and gain knowledge from the book, just as you’ve gained. Let the fun go round! Remember, this only applies to long loan items – Student Text Collection items will still need to be returned to the library you borrowed them from.

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