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6 ways to de-stress during the exam period

Exams are coming up and it is natural to feel a bit tense, so here are our top 6 tips on how to de-stress this exam period.

1) Go for a walk

Walking increases the oxygen supply around your body and increases circulation in general.  This then helps you focus more with the task in hand. So why not take a brisk walk, or if you’re up to it, a quick run!

Image Source: food.ndtv.com


2) Eat well

Eating the right food is important to keep your brain functioning well. Make sure you are eating enough to sustain your body and brain. I know we are just back from the super-indulgent holiday period but… this is not the time for diets!



3) Take regular breaks

Both cognitively and physically. Remove your self from your revision space in your head regularly, perhaps after every chapter read, take a break from revision by searching for your fave funny YouTube video (JUST ONE!). Also take time to physically remove yourself from your revision space by taking regular walks.

Image Source: http://www.shericaamatthews.com/

4) Listen to music

Music has a calming effect on the brain, especially during times of stress. Classical music has also been shown to increase concentration levels. So put on some Bach and start de-stressing whilst you learn!

Image Source: www.saln.ca

5) Focus on you 

We all know how easy it is to start looking to our friends for our reassurance during our time of doubts. Revision period is not the time to do this. Consulting with friends may lead you down a spiral of self doubt and confusion- so best to stay focused with your own work.

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6) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

Drinking water helps improve memory and concentration, so make sure you have water on you at all times. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty as this means that your concentration levels have already lowered.



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