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So you’ve found a placement…what next?

Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself to have secured a job offer in a very competitive market. A placement is a great way to test out a career, build your connections, learn a lot more about an industry, and what motivates you. As a Business School student your placement will be managed by your Student Experience Team –…

The Importance of Placements

Having just returned from a 13-month placement at BMW UK based down in Surrey, I really couldn’t encourage a year in industry enough. I worked as the Aftersales E-Commerce intern, which basically entailed managing the…
Get Global

Bharti Foundation Global Internship

Our students tell us about their global internship with the Bharti Foundation Internship. For more information on our Global Internship opportunities, visit our website. [expand title="Week 1"] Our arrival to India was largely successful, with…