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Working with NISM, Our Global Internship in India

In this blog, our Global Experience Opportunity interns will be writing a series of weekly blogs from their experience of working with educational institute NISM in India. The institute offers academic programmes, training programmes, capacity building and skill development programmes in securities markets. The institute also provides financial education and standards to improve financial literacy in the country.  This blog will…
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Journey to Mumbai to work at NiSM

Our students tell us about their global internship at NiSM. To find out more information about our Global Internship opportunities, visit our website. [expand title="Week 1"] Leaving Heathrow on Saturday we knew we were in…
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An unforgettable internship at NISM – India

Ou rstudents have been working in Mumbai, India with the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) as part of our global internship programme for Newcastle University Business School Stage 2 students. For more¬†information, visit our¬†website.…