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Ashleigh King sits on a chair in front of her office door. She is wearing a pink hat, leather jacket and is holding a book opn while looking at the camera.
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Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Feel like you belong at university 

To honour Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we hear from Ashleigh King, a Business School MBA (Master's in Business Administration) alumna. Ashleigh King is a Creative Entrepreneur and Podcaster. She has hosted multiple podcasts, most notably the Nurture Your Zest podcast which has been listened to by an audience in over 70 countries around the world.   In 2020, Ashleigh was diagnosed with attention deficit…
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CEO Magazine MBA Rankings 2022

    We're proud to have maintained Tier One Status in CEO Magazine MBA Global Rankings 2022, for the third year in a row! This is the highest Tier, showing the Business School’s continued dedication to…
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Why I chose Newcastle for my MBA

 Growing up, I was always fascinated by the stories and lives of entrepreneurs and business people. The way that entrepreneurs had their struggles, but overcame their obstacles and reached where they are today, has motivated…
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My MBA Journey

My quest to acquire an MBA degree started 2 years after I established my business in 2016. There were obvious knowledge gaps and I needed to fill them in by learning new strategies, techniques, and…
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MBA: An Investment for your life

Since I was last at university doing my undergraduate studies in Business Administration, I always believed that when I decided to do my Master's study, this would be overseas. Last year, after working for more…