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Final Year Undergraduate Students Celebratory Reception

Are you a final year undergraduate student? Come along to this event to celebrate your time here at Newcastle University Business School! Join us for this special evening of celebrations for drinks, canapes, live music, and the chance to relax with your friends and fellow students. Hosted by the Dean, Professor Stewart Robinson, along with academic and professional staff, we…
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Your guide to St. Patrick’s Day

In Northern Ireland there isn’t just one public holiday celebrated but two, St. Patrick's Day and the Twelfth of July. However, St. Patrick's Day is more widely recognised, also being celebrated largely in America and…
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Hindu and Sikh Society and Unity

Written by Priya Mann Like Newcastle University, the Hindu and Sikh Society (HAS) pride themselves on embracing different cultures, values and beliefs. During Multicultural Month, we invite you to learn about us and join our diverse…