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The top 10 words and phrases to know while studying at Newcastle University 

Starting a new chapter and moving to a new city is one of the most exciting life events you’ll have the joy of experiencing. With your move to the beautiful city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne just around the corner, you have so much to look forward to… and so much to learn! 

Newcastle is a city full of culture and history, with a dynamic social scene and friendly locals. Chances are, you may find yourself a little confused by the Geordie accent and dialect. With words and phrases originating from the old Anglo-Saxon language, with some Scandinavian influence, it can take some getting used to. 

Many old words and phrases commonly used in the old works of Chaucer and Shakespeare, that are no longer used in other parts of Britain, have survived as common usage in the North East. 

To help you feel more at home (“hyem” as the Geordies say) in your new city, we’ve put together a list of common words and phrases that you’re likely to hear during your time in our city. And maybe you’ll even start using them yourself! 

Common Geordie Slang Words & Phrases 


Translation: Town centre / Newcastle United
Example: “We’re gannin’ to toon.”


Translation: Good, nice or pleasant
Example: “These crisps are canny, like.”  


Translation: Really good
Example: “Last night was a belta!”


Translation: Our
Example: “Can you take a look at wor assignment?”

Whey aye man

Translation: Yes!
Example: “Are ye in lectures? Wey aye, man!”

Howay man

Translation: Come on, hurry up
Example: “Howay, man we’re gan miss the match!”

Geet lush

Translation: Very nice
Example: “That’s geet lush!”

Clamming for bait

Translation: Hungry for food
Example: “Let’s find a restaurant, I’m clamming for bait.”

I’m propa paggered

Translation: I’m really tired
Example: “I’m propa paggered after yesterday!”

What’s the crack?

Translation: What’s going on?
Example: “What’s the crack this weekend?”

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