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Student Life

My year studying MSc International Marketing

I had loved the city of Newcastle upon Tyne from afar for many years but had never gotten the chance to live here. So when I got an offer from Newcastle University for the MSc International Marketing course, I was thrilled to study at the reputable Business School and enjoy a year in this city.

The university soon got in touch to inform me I was eligible for the School’s Business Excellence Scholarship, which helped ease the financial transition of becoming a student again and the resulting limited availability for part-time work. The course is demanding and requires high levels of time management and dedication. But that is what I signed up for and the School motto “Challenge Today, Change Tomorrow” that is emblazoned on many university freebies gathered on my desk, always gives me a surge of motivation to keep going.

Essentially, the modules of the International Marketing course cover all aspects of Marketing, from the Business-oriented subjects such as Market Analysis and the International Business Environment to the more focused ones like Consumer Behaviour and Communications Management. A choice of two further optional modules is given for the second semester, from CRM to (my personal favourite) Marketing Ethics. The dissertation module begins at the start of the year and is completed by early September. So, with the exams done by early June, the summer can be dedicated to writing it.

For those who worry about individual assessment, fear not; the course also requires two group projects as part of the compulsory modules (one of which is a live brief for the Greggs Marketing Challenge), with more as part of the optional ones (including a live brief in Small Business Marketing and Management).

Additionally there are plenty of employability skills development opportunities from both the Business School and the Career Services that can be worked around studies, such as the flexible 100 hours internship initiative with local businesses.

My favourite way to relax from time to time has been talking a walk around the city, as you’ll find it easy to make your way from one place to another. I don’t know if its the picturesque neoclassical architecture, the northern camaraderie or the hustle and bustle that never becomes overwhelming but I have always felt Newcastle to be a city with a soul, its presence felt particularly when taking a moment to look around.

The city’s nightlife is famous, but for those not inclined to party, there are many bars around town to visit that offer a more relaxing evening. In terms of food, the city’s love of world cuisine is evident with everything from great chain restaurants like Zaap, to niche cafés and eateries nestled in bustling side streets.

World cuisine is accessible even more cheaply; students from all around the world study the International Marketing course each year and we’ve found the best way to make new friends is to get together and organise potlucks, where we each bring a dish from our own country and share recipes and stories from home.

So no matter what direction your studies and hobbies take you in, one thing’s for certain; wherever you are after graduation, you won’t be able to forget Newcastle in a hurry.

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