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Getting Ready for your first winter at Newcastle

So, you have decided to move to Newcastle and have some of the best years of your university life. What you may not have realised is how different it is going to be from your home city or country, especially if you are coming from a warmer region or in case of international students, a hot country. You are basically exchanging crispy sunshine with breath-taking snow. Therefore, it will take a bit of effort from your side to get used to the weather. Now that winter is fast approaching, here’s a few tips to help you get started on your journey of loving Newcastle Chills!

Invest in Actual Winter clothing

Just as much as the leather coats and bomber jackets look good, they will by no means be enough to get you through real winter. Get a warm Parka or woollen jacket, preferably reaching to your knees. Make sure it has a hoodie and is waterproof, as it can rain or snow at any time and you want to be able to dry off as quickly as possible. Pair it with woollen socks, hats, and a scarf – basically the more wool the merrier and warmer! Also, wear thick gloves and thermal sweaters. Get long boots with rubber underneath to make sure you don’t slip once the snow starts. The right kind of clothing will be the first step of enjoying the low temperatures.

Force yourself to go outside

It might dampen your mood to open your curtains early in the morning and see a foggy sky accompanied by dark ambience. It might also be intimidating to see everything going dark by 3.00 in the evening. But you must not lock yourself in your flat. Once you do go outside, you will feel great. Go for walks or runs early in the morning; you will warm up your body and you are doing your health a favour. Later during the day, go to the City Centre. Around this time, the Christmas Markets are open, so you will have a great time visiting there. The wind, though it may not look like it at the beginning, is quite refreshing, provided you are nicely wrapped up.

Befriending Hot Beverages

If you are coming from a warm country, the idea of drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day may seem bizarre initially. But soon you realise it is a part of the lifestyle here. Starting the day with a cup of warm latte or hot chocolate will make you feel nice and energetic as you start off lectures. Recharge yourself with refills in between classes, but make sure you are not taking in too much caffeine. I myself was never a fan of coffee but these days, I just can’t seem to start my day without a shot of espresso.

Embrace it!

Rather than avoiding the cold, try to enjoy it. Remember the times when you were sweating profusely early in the day and wishing summer was over. Count this blessing; your prayers have been heard. Build some snowmen, avoid catching a cold and enjoy life to the fullest!

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