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Why I chose to study International Financial Analysis at Newcastle

Switching career path

After working for 3 years in Marketing, I realised I wanted to switch and make a career in Finance. I knew the jump in career was considerable.

Applying to University courses and receiving offers

Like most students, I applied to most UK Universities and received offers for admission. I made it very clear with all the Universities I applied to I did not have any financial background.

Most of the Universities that sent me offer letters assured despite my non-financial background, I would be able to cope with the subjects and complete the course within a year.

However, when I approached Newcastle University, my Master’s offer required to first complete a 9-month pathway or pre-master’s programme to build up core knowledge, before leading into the one-year master’s. Initially, it took me by surprise; I was apprehensive about spending almost 2 years studying towards a Master’s degree.

Building up core knowledge at INTO Newcastle University

However, spending some time reading about the programmes offered at INTO Newcastle and Newcastle University Business School, opened my eyes.

The first year spent at INTO, which is specifically for international students, would train me on core modules that I did not cover during my undergrad, and bridge the gap between the knowledge I possessed. More than anything else, I felt a form of reassurance offered. After all, I was returning to the classroom after a gap of 3 years.

Choosing International Financial Analysis MSc

Keen to make a career in equity investments, I chose the International Financial Analysis MSc program. The subjects covered in the program cover Economics, Accounting, Finance strategies, Economics and methods on how to extract and visualise data.

A bonus on choosing this program is the accreditation and recognition it has from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and The Association of International Accountants (AIA).

Additionally, the University is affiliated with the CFA Institute’s Affiliate University Program, which means the course incorporates at least 70% of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge.

A welcoming city

I had visited Newcastle whilst doing my Undergrad on a weekend-out. Newcastle is one of those places that is hard to not like. Friendly locals, not a very big city yet not a small city as well. Newcastle’s nightlife is really popular! Attracting people from different cities over weekends.

What I really liked is how welcoming Newcastle can be to new people especially students. Usually moving to a new city can be daunting. However, moving here was no difficult task. Newcastle is a very safe city. Fortunately, accommodations, libraries and classroom buildings are close by and not too far apart.

Attractive cost of living

For an international student, moving to the UK can be an expensive experience. Comparing Newcastle with other cities, it comes out more pocket friendly to international students. With the diverse cuisines available on offer, guarantees you will never go hungry! What surprised me was the amazing China town, which boasts amazing restaurants, bars and Casinos!

Student support

Despite the fact COVID-19 hit us last March, Newcastle University has really gone to great lengths to help students in every possible way. Even though, we are not meeting face to face. The University helps students by organising many fun activities online, thereby providing virtual platforms for students to engage.

Multicultural experience

Being an international student, I understand how daunting it can be when it comes to interacting with different nationalities for the first time. I signed up to take part in a challenge where we had to come up with a marketing idea for an institute that raises funds for research in brain tumours. The interaction, learning and fun go to prove that despite COVID-19 affecting the entire world, the learning environment a University has to offer can never be affected!

Keeping the goal in mind

With everything the University has to offer during these difficult times, I am adamant to study hard and graduate with a first-class degree in International Financial Analysis. The core skills this programme has to offer, aid me in a step closer to making a career in equity investments.


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