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 Growing up, I was always fascinated by the stories and lives of entrepreneurs and business people.

The way that entrepreneurs had their struggles, but overcame their obstacles and reached where they are today, has motivated and fuelled my dream of being in the same league.

My progression

On completing my undergraduate studies in electrical and electronics engineering, I was offered a job at Smart Solar Global, a channel partner for several global brands who provide solar solutions. While the job certainly helped me develop a holistic understanding of the technology and the business strategies, it did not satisfy my thirst to learn more about management and innovative technologies globally.

I thus decided to take up a job as a systems engineer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and was later selected to work for their various clients. Nearly five years of experience at this MNC has provided me with much insight into business functions, stakeholders involved, and understanding of the processes. While I thoroughly enjoyed the projects I was working on, I felt it was time to enhance my skills and work towards becoming a successful management consultant.

Deciding to study an MBA

However, to achieve my dreams of being successful in the business world, I knew that I needed to understand the various approaches to management. To gain this knowledge, it was essential that I pursue an internationally recognized Master’s degree in management, and in particularly I researched MBA programmes.

Although I received several other offers, Newcastle University being highly ranked, and one of the very few universities in the world to have a triple accreditation, influenced my decision to join the University. Newcastle is ranked 134th in the QS world university rankings (2021) and 23rd in the Times Higher Education Europe Teaching Rankings (2019).

Being awarded the MBA Developing Leaders Scholarship has made a big difference in my education. It helped lower the tuition costs and remove financial stress, enabling me to maximize the university experience in pursuing my education to achieve my goals.

MBA experience

The MBA cohort is diverse, with students from the UK, India, China, Columbia, Nigeria, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and Sri Lanka. The MBA program at Newcastle has an interactive learning environment that engages students and facilitates communication between students and lecturers, promoting learning and ensuring a high-quality educational experience. The program, therefore, helps add knowledge and enhance your skillset and is an opportunity to study and learn together with international students, gain global exposure, and build a strong network. We can also take advantage of the University’s award-winning Careers Service to focus on our future careers and aspirations.

Career goals

My eventual career goal is to become a management consultant with the longer-term aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. Coming from a technical background, I find it easy to collect and analyze data from various sources and suggest creative solutions. The prospect of working across domains and being on top of all of them simultaneously motivates me towards a career in consulting. While my MBA journey at Newcastle has only started, I feel very optimistic about how the program could transform me personally and professionally to achieve the goals I have set for myself.

Living and socialising in Newcastle

Newcastle University offers much more than just academic study. Students can choose from over 200 clubs and societies, offering an opportunity to meet a diverse community of university students worldwide. Being a sports enthusiast and a cricket player, I was further amazed by what the university offered, which further strengthened my desire to accept my MBA offer and study at Newcastle. There are 62 student-led sports groups to choose from at Newcastle, some of which offer opportunities to participate at a club, regional, national, or international level, while others allow you to have fun.

The university also offers a wide variety of student accommodations. We were able to choose from university-owned accommodation or managed partnership accommodation featuring some excellent facilities. All of the accommodations are conveniently accessible by public transportation and surrounded by convenient shops and restaurants.

I find Newcastle to be a student-friendly city that offers a vibrant student experience. Understanding the living expenses is a crucial but frequently overlooked aspect of university life. Newcastle is one of the cheapest cities to live in, which rivals any other in the UK.

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