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What we learned from attending the Climate Conscious Careers Campaign

Katie Nelson and Kamilla Azimova are BA Business Management students, both on their placement year. Katie is a Student Experience Intern and Kamilla is a Marketing and Events Intern at Newcastle University Business School. Continue reading to find out about their experience attending the Climate Conscious Careers Campaign.


Climate Conscious Careers is a campaign that was run in collaboration between the Students’ Union and the Sustainability Team at Newcastle University. It aims to open up a conversation about ‘green careers’ and how you can make an impact beyond individual actions. The campaign was open to all students across the university. We attended this event as we were both interested in incorporating climate justice into our future careers.

The campaign included two events that each covered a different area:

  • Actions Beyond Individualism: How You Can Be A Part Of The Solution
  • Green Futures: Make Your Career Climate Conscious Talk


Actions Beyond Individualism: How You Can Be A Part Of The Solution


Net Zero by 2030. That’s the ambitious target that Newcastle University has set itself. But how exactly does Newcastle University plan to get there? The Action Beyond Individualism talk focused on how the University and students can make a positive impact toward fighting climate change. The session was delivered by Newcastle University’s Sustainability Team who are responsible for the environmental and sustainability issues across campus, and Jemima Elliot, a student activist.

Newcastle University is ranked ‘First Class’ by People and Planet. The People and Planet University League ranks universities in the UK based on their ethical and environmental performance with a desire and responsibility to improve. The most obvious demonstration of Newcastle University’s commitment to addressing the climate emergency is their Climate Action Plan.

Launched in 2021, The Climate Action Plan presents key actions the University plans to take to achieve Net Zero status by 2030. It also highlights the progress made to date and the important role all members of the University community must play to tackle the climate emergency.

The road to net zero is likely to be challenging, so what can students do to help? If you’re a student at Newcastle University, you could:

  • Join sustainability events and societies at NUSU;
  • Ask your module leaders, , and seminar leaders about the subject you are studying and what you can do to to build sustainable practice into your subject;
  • Join different movements, such as , People and Planet or search local groups in your area;
  • Reduce your emissions by opting to travel via foot or bike;
  • Reduce consumption of single-use plastics and consider trying no waste shops such as Nil Living, Something Good and Buy the Kilo.

There are lots of opportunities to help address the climate emergency. Together we can make positive change.


“We always appreciate time to engage with students on climate action, and we really hope that the students took away a sense of empowerment from the Actions Beyond Individualism session. We want to hear from students about their thoughts and priorities, be challenged by them, and collaborate with them to create change at the University.”

Newcastle University Sustainability Team


Green Futures: Make Your Career Climate Conscious Talk


The Green Futures talk was held at the Magic Hat café where food that was destined for landfill is rescued. They sell on the food as part of their market or transform it into delicious meals in their kitchen. The venue was very fitting as one of the speakers at the event was Jess Miller, Co-founder of not-for-profit food waste hub Bind, where the Magic Hat café is one of the flagship projects.

Other speakers included  , Managing Director at Lynemouth Power, a power station undergoing a major conversion programme from coal to biomass electricity generation to tackle the climate crisis.

It was also great to see some student representation amongst the speakers. Jemima Elliot is a part-time, postgraduate English Literature student at Newcastle University as well as a writer, slow fashion advocate and an activist. Jemima has her blog, Another Ranting Reader where she writes about fashion, sustainability, and campaigns.

The variety of different careers and background of the panel debunked the myth that green careers are only for those studying environmentally aligned degrees. The panel gave some excellent examples where in their own career path, they found an area they wanted to improve, and it encouraged them to explore ways to make their current role more climate conscious. It was very inspiring to listen to the change that is happening in the North East thanks to individual action leading to bigger organisational and political change.


I really liked the range of experiences and perspectives included in the Climate Conscious Careers campaign. It was great to hear from people with different points of view and to learn from each other.”

Jemima Elliott, MLitt English Literature


Climate Conscious Careers Campaign has made us reflect on our own ability to inspire change within an organisation and through many initiatives that are already out there. The UK declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and this campaign encouraged us to join the movement and drive for change within the University and our personal lives.


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