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Thinking Critically… Banking + Technology

Amelia shares her view on the fusion of banking and technology and reflects on her learning during the Business Awareness Experience.

When we think about technology in this digital era it’s common to come across themes such as Big Data, A.I and Disruption within the industries. But, how can these areas be combined with technology for the banking sector? Should we imagine robots managing our accounts, automatization of our mortgage offers, or giving us advice on how to manage our money?

We’re not as far away from this as you might think.

In the Business in Action module, during our visit to London, I had the opportunity to hear first-hand about how the banking sector is using technology to navigate and manage major changes within financial services. The banks I visited all had different cultures and visions, and gave me an insight into how they were or weren’t affected by technology disruption. It was amazing what I learnt just from these Insight Visits and the approaches they were taking.

I had greater affinity with the last bank we visited because of its focus on ‘sustainability’ and its customer focus; well, I may be wrong but the fact that a bank is involved in sustainable projects, taking care about risk, its customers, etc., gives me hope.

Further to consumerism, economic growth and innovation through technology, we must take seriously our future if we want one for our next generations. The first step towards this might be a better use of technology.

Written by Amelia Lemus Gonzalez, MBA student

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