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The ‘NUBS’ of it Podcast – Olivia Jack

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As a 2021 graduate of Newcastle University Business School (NUBS), I am very proud of my accomplishments and to have studied at such an amazing Business School. When I heard about the new NUBS Podcast, to help prospective and current students gain insight into the Business School, I jumped at the chance to take part. Fresh from putting on my gown and celebrating my achievements, I knew I had to take the opportunity to express my views on student life and the excellent experience of being a student here for the past three years. As well as talking about my degree programme and the range of modules, I chatted about how truly diverse the Business School is, with every lecture theatre filled with international students.

As a Business Ambassador, I had filmed videos and written blogs before, but I had never been involved in a podcast. I took the Metro to Central Station to a recording studio and was greeted by Ashleigh King, podcast host and the Business School’s Alumni Manager (and fellow Alumni), as well as other students, eager to chat all things NUBS! The atmosphere was fantastic and soon I was sitting in front of the microphone.

After chatting about a range of topics with Ashleigh (there’s so much to cover), I also had the great opportunity to host the Podcast myself – I interviewed two fellow students on their experiences. Although studying different degree programmes, we all agreed that our time studying at the Business School has been diverse, stimulating, and inspiring. The Podcast reveals the range of modules students can explore; I chatted about the challenges and thrills of my dissertation, Luke chatted about his year abroad and Steph beamed as she told me about a marketing project, where her team created content for a real brand.

Studying at the Business School in vibrant, student-friendly Newcastle has been so rewarding and eye-opening. Hard work and dedication have gone into essays on business theory, group projects on international businesses, and presentations on fast fashion brands, to name a few. I am now a more well-rounded person, both academically and personally thanks to my experience.

What really stands out is the amazing Careers Service at the Business School; a dedicated Career’s Consultant helped me craft my CV, discuss my strengths and avenues for the future. Furthermore, businesses are often on campus, especially during Future Focus Week, keen to chat to students, giving us the chance to network with employers and build confidence.

As an International Business Management with Spanish student, I have always wanted to experience working life abroad. Therefore, after graduating from the Business School I am now embarking on a 3-month internship in Spain. I found out about this opportunity through the Careers Service, so this shows how many exciting opportunities are on offer here. Despite being unsure on my exact career path, the Business School has allowed me to enhance and develop skills in all aspects of business, so whatever the future holds, I feel fully prepared!

Don’t miss the brand-new NUBS Podcast, to hear from current students, and to listen to all things Newcastle University Business School.

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