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Wednesday 1 February saw the celebration for the opening of the newly renovated student hub (also known as The Hub), situated in Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) level 5, room 5.07.

Students were treated to complimentary cakes and hot drinks, as well as the opportunity to speak to representatives from the Careers team, Student Health & Wellbeing department, and the Student’s Union (NUSU).

What was the event about?

The Hub has always been a great way for students of NUBS to chill out between lectures, catch-up on module materials on the comfortable sofas or use the space to socialise with friends.

NUBS are continuously investing back into their students and facilities, and one of the ways of supporting the students this semester, was to refurbish The Hub. The refurbishment of the area included large new tables and chairs, renewed couches around the room, as well as new booths that are an excellent place to set up a laptop, eat lunch, or sit with friends.

A fellow postgraduate student from my course (International Business Management MSc) who attended the relaunch celebration, stated how the rebrand of The Hub “provides a more comfortable space to study and socialise in”.

In attendance was also the Careers service, providing students with guidance on their career and future plans. It was great to also see the Student Health & Wellbeing team who brought information on the support they offer. The team also brought lots of goodies to give away. The University’s Students’ Union (NUSU), were too on hand to give advice on the opportunities available within NUSU for students to get involved in. It was enjoyable to see students rediscover the space, and what it has to offer in a stylish and modern area.   

What makes The Hub special?

NUBS is lucky to have the student hub as it is an outstanding common room for students.

In the tasteful refurbishment of the area, students are encouraged to take advantage of the kitchen area for filling up reusable bottles or mugs with the chilled water tap, or the instant boiling water station.

The Hub is a spacious area, that allows for students to socialise, or put their head down to study in the new booths and pods which provide more private seating than the open-plan area. The addition of conference tables for group interaction, fit in perfectly to the modernisation of the space, as well as large new tables with built-in charging ports for students to use.

As students settle into the fresh sofas dotted around the area, they can take in the views of the city centre. The Hub design also allows students of all levels to interact with each other and enhances interaction between different stage groups and courses through the open plan design. The space also provides easy access to The Base next door which is a student area for silent study, with computers and room for personal laptops to be brought in.

Take a look at the event which t

Level 5 of NUBS has never looked so good – The Hub is an excellent space for students, and I highly recommend a visit so that you can take advantage of the fantastic facilities that are available to you!

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