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Waking up at 8am for an early start, I slightly regretted staying up for the Super Bowl the night before. Like many others, I hadn’t a clue – why does a 15 minute quarter take 45 minutes? Who invented such a complicated game? Why are the Denver Bronco’s playing so badly (apologies all Bronco fans out there). Whilst I bombarded my flat-mate with more questions than minutes played, I looked forward to the commercial breaks.

It may sound geeky but I enjoyed the highly creative advertising – when compared to the game I preferred the commercial breaks 43 – 8 (pun intended). Without doubt, these ads created hype and awareness – but not without a price. When a 30 second advertising slot cost $4 million, US ad agencies couldn’t afford a ‘screw up’. Budweiser came out top with 36,423,653 YouTube views compared to Coca-Cola’s disappointing 81,871. MNC’s may have the ad revenue and primetime slots but it’s nothing without creativity. Without creativity, there is no hype.  So what advert stuck in my head? (This is one question I could answer). It’s a brand a bit closer to home than America (just round the corner in fact) – Newcastle Brown Ale;

The Teaser for the Trailer for Newcastle’s Mega Huge Football Game Ad

Surprisingly, this advert hasn’t even been aired on TV let alone the Super Bowl and didn’t cost a penny – it has however created hype with 221,516 YouTube views. I hope you enjoyed the advert more than I enjoyed the Super Bowl!


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