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Student Societies are supported by the Students’ Union and are a great way of getting involved, meeting new people and exploring areas of interest.  There are over 160 societies from Baking Society to Pokemon Society, we’re sure that you’ll find a society that matches your interests! As well as specific interest societies linked to hobbies, sports or music, there are also a range of societies offering an insight into different cultures such as the Afro-Caribbean Society or the Malaysian Society.

  • Societies are a good way to meet new people from your course (through our course based societies) and across the University.
  • You can check out the full A-Z of societies on the NUSU website. Not finding anything you like? You are more than welcome to set up your own society.

You may also be interested in joining a society related to one of the subjects you are studying such as :

  • Accounting and Finance Society
  • Business Society
  • Economics Society
  • Leadership Society

For more information about these societies and for information on how to join, please visit:


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