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Student Life

Settling into university as an international student

I have started my journey with Newcastle University 4 years ago, in 2018. Throughout these few years I have had a chance to meet many people from around the world as well as a get to know more about British traditions. I am an EU student myself, so the culture and language are not something I have been struggling with, but I know it might be for others. So, let me share few thoughts with you below regarding the life in Newcastle as an international student.



Join societies

The first thing I decided to do after starting university was to join few societies. It was, it is and will be one of the best ways to make new friends. It brings people with the same hobbies, passions or countries together. And I would like to dwell a little bit more on the last one. There are so many ‘nation’s’ societies, such as Malaysian Society, Anglo-Chinese Society or Polish Society. It is that easy to make yourself a little bit more like at home, by simply joining the society. Though, if there is no society for your county, you can just try joining International/ South Asia/ Afro-Caribbean or any other society regarding larger group of countries. Just give it a try and remember that you are not the only one struggling to fit in, so you can help each other. Click here to view the full list of societies you can join!

Make your accommodation feel like home

I remember the first thing I did when I arrived to my accommodation was tiding my room and meeting my new flatmates. I recommend you doing the same, at least the latter one! You can try decorating your room a little bit more – remember it is a place where you will (probably) spend quite a lot of time during the year so it is important to feel comfortable and cosy! If you struggle, you can get some photos of your friends and relatives back from home and stick all of them onto your walls. Maybe familiar faces will make me feel more like home.

Explore the city

Give Newcastle a go and go sightseeing! There are a lot to explore: beautiful city centre, Quayside, Jesmond Dene, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, and much more. Additionally, as everybody loves to eat and there are plenty of foreigners (mostly because of the international students) you will definitely find your country’s cuisine somewhere around the corner in Newcastle.



At first, it may take some time to adapt to a completely new environment, language, culture, and Geordies 😉 do not worry! University is doing a lot to make international student feel like at home. Though keep in mind, as long as you are willing to open up to others and explore your interests, you will soon find your university life super exciting! Remember don’t hesitate!


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