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Programme Highlights: Advanced International Business Management Dual Award

Hi everyone! Here are my highlights that summarize and encapsulate my overall experience as a double-degree Master’s student on the Advanced International Business Management Dual Award MSc/MSc

1. Favourite modules

If I were to choose only one module in each location to summarise my degree programme:

In Newcastle, I’d go for International Business Environment (IBE). It encapsulates the overall experience and knowledge pool you’d expect from a Master’s level degree. A classroom with students from all over the world, two international professors and topics as broad as the 2008 Financial Crisis to as specific as the US-China trade war.

It deals with all aspects of international business, namely, the countries’ histories, the main worldwide organizations’ interplay, the environment, the geopolitics of countries, the different financial, economic and cultural insights and their implications in the world. In short, this is a course I’d recommend taking!

In Groningen, I’d definitely go for the Corporate Social Responsibility module, it is very different from IBE. It also encapsulates the overall Master’s degree experience within one specific topic. We discussed the challenges and issues of today and “tomorrow”, and the module offers the chance to talk, debate, present our opinions and beliefs to each other, to make us rethink how young individuals like us can solve today’s problems. I especially liked this module, not specifically for the topic itself, but rather for the depth of analysis encouraged at Groningen University – each module is a journey that identifies obstacles and holes and we, students, are here to fill in these gaps with our critical thinking.

2. My overall journey on the programme

My double-degree Master’s granted me a unique way to stand out amongst fellow graduates. Indeed, I did my degree in two different countries, Newcastle (UK) and Groningen (Netherlands). I learned twice as much and twice as fast as other programmes as the course is intense, but extremely rewarding.

You may ask a legitimate question… why? Well, because it gives me two Master’s degrees in IBM, two experiences in cross-cultural environments and two different perspectives on the knowledge I have acquired. Thus, twice the rewards and rareness in my profile!

I developed myself both professionally and personally. I gained international experiences, I learned a lot of relevant skills in today’s business world and met a lot of incredible people. These connections I hope will go on a long way!

In fact, upon graduating, I aim to relocate and find a job in Taiwan. This plan has been evolving and becoming more polished over the months, through the different opportunities and people I’ve met in both countries. This is amazing!

3. Travelling, socialising and discovering new places

This is a key experience of this double-degree master’s programme!

In between lectures and assignments, there is nothing better than to escape the hectic life and go on a round trip adventure for a few days. A group of friends and I decided to rent a car from Newcastle and drove to a little cottage in the middle of the highlands in Scotland. This was one of the best experiences I had outside of university life.

In fact, it was really affordable to travel around and you get to see landscapes and nature that are quite unique in the country. I firmly believe that it is also important to “escape” the busy study and nightlife and get some fresh air elsewhere while creating stronger bonds with the friends you’ve met and your classmates

Once you are done with your academic life for the day or week, your social life can kick in! Newcastle offers plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes, we would go for a typical British experience and hang out in one of the many local pubs. On weekends, what I and other students usually favoured was to visit each other’s accommodation.

University-owned accommodations such as Park Terrace and Kensington Terrace allow you to invite friends over which is the perfect opportunity to get to know students living nearby. Obviously, the city also offers a tremendous nightlife scene which will satisfy all tastes and preferences. I was positively surprised by how active the city is, despite its fairly small size. There’s lots to do if you happen to not have lectures on a specific day, be reassured that places remain open the whole week.

4. My role as a Business Ambassador

The Business School hires a team of students at the beginning of the term to become Business Ambassadors and represent the University during various events (such as participating in student panel Q&As for prospective students, Master’s Open Days, attending conferences and more). Beyond enhancing my CV with great experience, it helped me further develop certain skills such as public speaking, cross-communication skills and empathy.

Also, I got to widen my social circle and hang out with people I perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise met which is always great, in addition to helping others whether they are students or professionals. I learned more, discovered more, stayed curious and open, and I believe that it set me on the right track!  Beyond the professional skills that I gained and the connections that I made along the way, it was also very fun to do. I had a good time, stepped out of my comfort zone, learned and got paid, that was really cool!


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