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Before moving to Newcastle I did not know about the beauty and mysteries of Northumberland. When I moved up North I started reading the history of the area. Well, I should admit that BBC’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ made me want to read more as well (yes folks, you still have time to watch TV when you go to university). So I came across all the kings that reigned up here, the wars between the Christians and the Pagans and the castles filled with history.

Saturday, the day after my last exam, I decided to go for a road trip with a few friends – and since one of the castles I have been dying to see happened to be open that day, we did not over think it but ‘carpe diem’. The drive to the castle took about an hour, and I can promise you, it will be a sight that will remain with you forever.

Bamburgh Village
View towards the village from one of the castle’s windows

For me, it was what greeted me when we took the road north and saw Bamburgh Castle majestically appearing as the road curved. I’d never imagined, or seen a castle, outside of films, look so commanding. But there it was, master of land, sea and sky in all its glory and splendor. As we drove closer it started snowing and a stillness settled over the village at the bottom of the castle. As we parked, we took a look at the sea and the waves crushing on the shore. It all looked like nothing I have seen before. The cold wind was creating clouds of sand that were covering the entire beach and the light was playing with your mind creating images; letting you think you were seeing things that were not there – ships, smoke, things from afar.

To warm up we decided to go and have a look inside the castle and enjoy a warm drink. It did not take more than 2 hours to walk around  but you couldn’t but be impressed with the art, the history and the grandeur of the rooms filled with memories of generations before us.

After, we went for a late lunch in the village and headed back to Newcastle before sunset. It was a great day, and I plan on going back sometime soon, as I feel like Bamburgh is one of those place where you have to return, as a one time visit does not feel enough for the beauty that the place holds.

Here are some photos from my trip. Hope you enjoy them and maybe you will take the time to pay a visit to the Bamburgh village, coast and castle.




Sandy clouds and the castle

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