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How optional modules can make you more employable

While unlikely to make or break your degree, optional modules can make a difference to both your final qualification and your employability. You can use optional modules to add variety to your skill set and CV.

It’s useful to hold in mind the job or sectors you want to work in when you graduate. Choosing a relevant module can provide evidence of your interest and motivation as well as provide examples to showcase at interview. If you’re not sure yet where you’re headed then optional modules present an opportunity to dip your toe in the water and find out more.

Research is key here! – dig beneath the module title and talk to students who have already completed the module. Find out about assessment methods and any projects you might do.

Employers don’t necessarily just look at your degree title, some will ask about your optional modules – why did you chose them? What did you learn?

Remember that, unless linked to professional exams, most modules are unique to the Business School, so there will be a story to tell.

All modules are designed to give you a specific set of skills and knowledge, so find out as much as you can and use this element of your studies to inform, personalise and enhance your employability.

Stuck and need advice? – talk to your Personal Tutor or a Careers Adviser. You can call into the Careers Service in King’s Gate Monday to Friday 11:00 – 4:30 and get help without an appointment.

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