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Newcastle University Business School Details and Safety Regulations

NUBS and Armstrong Building access hours (undergraduate students):

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 19:00

Access is focused around your smartcard. If you plan to remain in the NUBS building after 17:30 (other than for teaching) you must sign in the signing in book at reception on the ground floor and remember to sign out when you leave

Do not let anyone else use your smartcard and please do not allow anyone into the building who is not a Business School student, security conduct regular checks of this building and report any issues directly to the school.

Numbers to note in case of emergency


University Police: 0191 208 6666

University Security control: 0191 208 6817

Northumbria Police: (non emergencies) 101

Emergency: 999

First Aid assistance

0191 208 1730 (NUBS) or 0191 208 5155 (Armstrong Building – Vicky Horrigan)

Main Reception 

0191 208 1500

Regulations, policies and procedures

– In registering for a programme of study, all students accept the rules and regulations of the University and agree to pay appropriate fees.

– Issues such as noise complaints in student accommodation will be reported to the university.

– Students need to ensure that they are available in Newcastle during all term and assessment dates including the resit period.

– You all have a university email address, it’s important to use it as it’s the university’s official method of communication with you.

– Please check your university emails on a regular basis and please respond when asked to.

Fire alarms in Newcastle University Business School

Yellow alert

A voice message will announce: “this is a yellow alert, please do not leave the building, await further instructions.” This indicates that the cause of the fire is being investigated. If it stops the situation has been dealt with.

Continuous alarm

When you hear this please evacuate the building immediately using the nearest fire exit. Do not use the lift. Refuge points for disabled persons have a wheelchair symbol displayed and are located by the lift next to fire stairwell 1 and 2 on floors 1-8.

When you have evacuated the building please make your way to the fire assembly point which is the Courtyard beside The View Student accommodation and do not come back into the building until you are told it is safe to.

Critical ARC SafeZone App

SafeZone is a free new app for all students and staff that connects you directly to the university security team when you need help while you are on campus. You can get urgent help if you or someone near you feels threatened or is the victim of an assault or robbery, and call for First Aid or Help in less urgent situations.

To register SafeZone on your phone download the free app and sign in.

Note that SafeZone only shares your location when you ask for help or check-in for working alone, it does not track you at other times, so your privacy is respected at all times. You can find out more about SafeZone’s features here. 

Green Impact

The Business School are committed to reducing our environmental impact, please support us by taking the following steps:

– Recycle your rubbish in the bins provided in corridors and social spaces.

– Try and use the stairs instead of the lift – especially when travelling between one or two floors.

– Turn off lights when you are the last one to leave a room.

– Report leaking taps to our reception team.

Home Sweet Home Guide

We want you to enjoy your time at Newcastle University Business School! To help you feel at home we have produced a “Home Sweet Home” booklet which is full of useful information.

Copies are available at the main reception on the ground floor and in the student lounges.

Newcastle University App

Features include:

– View your Personal Timetable

– Manage your Library Account

– Find the nearest available PC

– Subscribe to Campus News and Events

– Check print credits balance

– Contact staff

– Browse the Campus Map

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