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Newcastle and it’s surrounding area are home to some fantastic historic and cultural sights – all within easy reach by public transport from the city center.

Grey’s Monument

Located right in the heart of Newcastle city center itself is Grey’s Monument. Erected in 1838, it commemorates Earl Grey’s efforts to pass the Great Reform Bill in 1832 – the Bill played a major part in British Parliamentary reform and helped shape the country today. Grey’s Monument lends it’s name to the Monument Metro station beneath it, while Earl Grey famously lends his name to Early Grey tea, and to Grey’s Street leading down to Quayside

Tyne Bridge

Completed in 1928, the Tyne Bridge is an icon of the city – built over the River Tyne and linking Newcastle to Gateshead. If you think it looks similar to another famous bridge, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, that’s because they were built by the same company at almost exactly the same time – although the Tyne Bridge opened nearly four years earlier than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Quayside & Gateshead Millennium Bridge

The Quayside area of the city used to be a busy port area, with products made in the Tyneside area loaded onto ships and sent around the world. Modern ships are far too large to navigate this far up river, and so the area has been transformed into a very picturesque riverside walk, with loads of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops taking up the old waterfront buildings. The Gateshead Millenium Bridge provides a convinient link across to Gateshead and the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. The bridge itself also provides quite a spectacle when it opens up to allow boats to pass underneath.


Only a 25 minute Metro journey away from Newcastle, Tynemouth is a costal town with some great sea views, sandy beaches, the ruins of a castle and priory, as well as a monument to local hero Admiral Lord Collingwood. The Spanish Battery overlooking the mouth of the river gives a good view of the ships entering the Port of Tyne, and, although the full length of the pier isn’t accessible, the view of waves breaking over the wall at high tides is worth a visit

Angel of the North

Around 30 minutes from Haymarket Bus Station on the number 21 bus is the Angel of the North. Standing on a hill on the edge of Gateshead, the Angel is an iconic piece of modern art that has quickly become an iconic image of the North East since it was completed in 1998. Information plaques around the statue give information on how it was built, how the designers enabled it to withstand incredibly strong winds, and how the metal it is made out of was chosen especially so it would form a protective coat of rust


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