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Newcastle Castle – an iconic site right on our doorstep

Today I want to write about something that we have in Newcastle, but that some of you might not have noticed yet. 🙂

I’d like to point out that Newcastle is home to a very fascinating and interesting Castle (like the name actually says :D). Admittedly, it is very small, but I can honestly say that it offers a lot of historic insights, great stories and an adventurous medieval atmosphere.

Back Gate and the Castle

Newcastle Castle 2
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Newcastle Caste is located right in the middle of our wonderful city centre. They do offer student concessions, and a tour around the Black Gate and the Castle takes around 90-120 minutes. This is a neat opportunity to fill a rainy afternoon. 🙂 So, why not check out an iconic landmark of the North? At the same time, you can learn a little bit more about the history of our amazing city.

Plus, the rooftop offers probably the best view in town 😉

Doing a self-guided tour there is really interesting and takes you on a time travel back to the old days. You can learn about how people lived in past centuries. Also, you can discover how the Castle was the scene for many interesting events in the history of England.


A venue for numerous great events

Newcastle Castle
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However, one of the things that I like most about the Castle is the different events that are hosted there.

They offer Horror Nights for people who love ghost stories and movies. They also host many crafting workshops, in which you can learn how to make pottery (with your own hands 😉 ), or how to make your own jewellery. Additionally, they regularly offer interesting lectures, for example on the history of Valentine’s Day or how ‘Jack the Ripper’ might be linked to Newcastle.

The Castle recently hosted a medieval food festival and I absolutely loved it! 🙂  You could try many different dishes that were prepared exactly the way that honourable ladies and noble knights would have enjoyed them a few centuries ago. Additionally, you could learn about what flavours were trendy back then and which ingredients were insanely exclusive and expensive.

Fun fact:

In the 18th Century, pineapples were status symbols and so expensive that there were even rental stores. 😀 You could rent one for a night to impress your guests. Then just secretly let your cook prepare and serve some spiced apples, and return the expensive pineapple in the morning. But I wouldn’t recommend this for your next party 🙂



Newcastle Castle really offers a lot of fun for a short afternoon activity. Why not give it a try and dive into the fascinating and amazing history of the city we love.


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