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Studying for a Master’s degree can be challenging, and it is essential to take the time to enjoy and explore the place you are living. If you are thinking of Newcastle as a place to live and study, you will not be disappointed. There are many places to discover in Newcastle and further afield, throughout the Northeast. One of my favorite things about living in Newcastle is that it is remarkably close to the coast and the countryside. Both are easily accessible by metro, and you can live the city and country life if you want to. Quite simply, it is a wondrous place with many places to visit and experience, and if I were to name the top seven things to do in and around this great student city, I would recommend the following.

Jesmond Dene

Golden Sands of Whitley Bay

My first recommendation is Whitley Bay if you love the coast. Whitley Bay is a seaside town accessible by metro and provides a perfect weekend outing with arcades, skate parks, mini-golf, restaurants, bars, award-winning ice cream parlors, and fish and chips. You can walk on the beach’s golden sand and even explore St Mary’s Lighthouse, discover wetland habitats, and even spot some seals on occasion.

Beautiful Jesmond Dene

My second recommendation is Jesmond Dene if you enjoy a scenic walk and love to see a variety of fantastic animals at Pets Corner. Jesmond Dene is the crown jewel of the numerous parks and green spaces in the Newcastle area. It is packed with historical sites such as an old watermill and has countless natural features including waterfalls, wildlife, flowers, and ancient woodlands for you to explore and experience firsthand.

St. James’ Park

My third recommendation is St James’ Park if you love sports and want to enjoy an exciting football match. If you are a football lover, you will want to make your way to St James’ Park, home to Premier League Club Newcastle United F.C. The stadium’s located right in the heart of the city and is across the street from the Newcastle Business School. The stadium is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. You should think about booking a ticket to a game and enjoy the rather infectious electric atmosphere of the dedicated and passionate fans. They also offer stadium tours throughout the year if you are interested in seeing it and are looking to unlock the club’s history and go behind the scenes of the park’s operations.

The Food Hub of the Grainger Market

My fourth recommendation is to explore the excellent food hub of the Grainger Market, and the numerous restaurants throughout the city center, especially if you are a foodie. The award-winning Grainger Market is a fantastic food hub which is home to hundreds of local traders and small businesses. You can pick up fresh fish, meat, fruit, veg, get a stone-baked pizza, handmade cakes, or visit one of its many independent cafes. It is a local favorite among foodies.

Newcastle Castle

My fifth recommendation is to see the original Newcastle Castle. This castle was built around 900 years ago and is an ode to the rich and diverse heritage of the city. This castle is incredibly well preserved and is open to the public if you are interested in visiting the museum and exploring the city’s history through its engaging exhibits and events. You can learn about how Newcastle was founded, see the passageways, chambers, and even witness some incredible city views from the castle’s rooftop. This is an excellent activity and something you ought to do when you come to Newcastle.

The Quayside

My sixth recommendation is that you walk and discover the Quayside District. The historic Quayside District was once an industrial and busy commercial dock, and it is now a creative hub filled with modern arts, music, culture, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, performing art centers, and many more beautiful things to discover. One of my favorite spots in the Quayside district is the Baltic centre for Contemporary Art. It is an exciting place to visit, and they often have fascinating pieces of art and exhibits.

Museums of Newcastle

Finally, I recommend visiting either The Discovery Museum or The Great North Museum. Newcastle is home to several museums and cultural attractions, and the Discovery Museum is a great place to start if you are interested in uncovering the history of Newcastle and the changes in technology and science in the region. The Great North Museum is great if you are interested in natural history, and both are great options to do with friends, especially if you need a study break after a long week of studying.

In conclusion, Newcastle is a beautiful place to live, study, and explore the U.K. It is a hub with an excellent metro system and easy access to the train lines. In and around Newcastle, there are many places to visit, see, and explore, and it is quite simply a fun place to study.

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