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Newcastle, A Perfect City for Photographers

Hey guys! It’s Jackson from the E-Marketing MSc programme. In today’s blog, I would like to talk about the reasons that I love the city of Newcastle with its marvellous landscapes and streetscapes.

Overview of Newcastle

I would describe Newcastle as a compact, vibrant, and diverse city with easy access everywhere. If you like to go shopping, Eldon Square and Northumberland Street have an abundance of high street brands for you where you can spend your days and money.

If going outdoors to get close to nature is your thing, there are plenty of common places such as Leazes Park, Exhibition Park, Town Moor, or Jesmond Dene which will definitely be your go-to options for a run or picnic.

If you enjoy taking a leisurely walk and exploring the city through cameras and lenses just like me, you would be amazed at how beautiful Newcastle is.

After living in Newcastle for roughly six months, I have concluded that my favourite three sites to chill and take great pictures are as follows:

1. Quayside

The first place is the Quayside, which is probably most people’s favourite spot in Newcastle as well. I usually take a walk in the morning on the weekend along the River Tyne and also grab some breakfast at Greggs, a popular bakery chain.

There’s also a Sunday market where you can find many quality handcrafted goods and local products. It’s so enjoyable to be out roaming in the breeze.

You may have seen some pictures of the Quayside – what I like about the scenery is not just the river, but also the many bridges which each have their own characteristics. I like the artistic vibe of the Millennium Bridge, and I am in awe of the magnificent Tyne Bridge.

Next time you go to the Quayside, try to see the river from as many angles as possible. You will be surprised every time when looking from a different perspective. I myself often go across the Millenium Bridge to the Sage and fly my drone to get a more holistic view of the entire river.

2. Tynemouth

I am definitely a seaside lover and although the Quayside is a great place to go to make you feel relaxed and lighten your mood, taking the metro for about 25 minutes to Tynemouth beach is my ultimate favourite place. You will be definitely surprised by the scenery and delicacies here.

One of the best things about living in Newcastle is you can get to the seaside easily and conveniently. As a photographer who enjoys taking pictures of the coastline and seashore a lot, being able to have such a stunning outlook not far from the City Centre is really nice. With the combination of historical sites and the vast ocean, it gives you a feeling of being in a medieval movie.

3. City Centre

The streets, the buildings, and the exquisite ambience in the City Centre is something I encounter on a daily basis, but it never ceases to amaze me. Just like the famous quote from the French sculptor, Auguste Rodin, “beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.”

Whenever I am wandering in the city, the harmony between old and new buildings and the architecture always pleases my eyes. I have always managed to come across mind-blowing views and angles on Grey Street and Grainger Street.

With its mix of styles and the integration of graphic and building designs, Newcastle City Centre is certainly the best place to capture great images.

View my photos

Just click here if you want to see the photos that I took in the places above. I hope one day you can also experience the splendid scenery of Newcastle by yourself. See you next time!


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