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Student Life

My time studying MSc E-business (E-marketing)

Why I chose to study a Masters

During my bachelors degree, I studied Marketing and Management and I had also completed a placement year in a Marketing Department. This is when I realised that I am particularly interested in e-commerce and digital marketing.

When it was time to decide which Masters course to choose, I knew I was looking for a course which involved relevant modules to my interests. The Business School’s E-business (E-marketing) MSc course was perfect for me, as it involved modules like E-commerce Start-up, Digital Marketing, Competing with IT, and Information Systems. All of those modules covered knowledge that I was seeking to gain, before heading into the real world of business.

My favourite module

One of the modules which I enjoyed the most was E-commerce Start-up. This module allows students to be creative and get some practical experience about starting your own business. During this module, students were divided into small groups who have to come up with, and develop their own business idea. I found this module the most interesting, as it was different to other modules – You are always engaged during lectures and work as a group on various exercises, such as: creating buyer personas, choosing the right colour pattern for your business, and thinking about the vision and mission. What’s great about this module is that you learn how to build your own website, as well as learn how to pitch your business idea.

What I found useful about this course

I also found it very useful that this course includes a module called Principle of Marketing. Even though my previous degree was Marketing based, I benefited from attending those lectures, as they provided more in-depth information which I hadn’t previously learnt. I think it is particularly useful for those students whose previous degree was in a completely different field.

I like that this course involves different types of assessments, such as written exams, presentations, group projects, and individual assignments. You get to meet different people and work with them on projects. This year I definitely got to improve my presentation skills because we got to practice quite a lot. For me, it was very important to overcome a fear of public speaking, since I have struggled with that when I was in my placement 2 years ago.


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