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My quest to acquire an MBA degree started 2 years after I established my business in 2016.

There were obvious knowledge gaps and I needed to fill them in by learning new strategies, techniques, and different management skills. However, aside from the push from my business angle, the future of work is dynamic. I want to be repositioned for the change and outmatch it with an MBA availing me of the required leverage. The MBA is designed to accommodate a range of career opportunities that will provide me with an advanced understanding of the global business industry.

According to Amit Kalantri, the famous author of Wealth of Words: ‘In business, people with expertise and experience make more profitable decisions than people with instinct, intuition, and imagination’, hence the course.

Previous Studies

I have a degree and two postgraduate degrees in Cooperative Economics and Management and in Education. The last in business was a decade ago and, considering how the world of work is in a state of flux, there is a need for me to learn, unlearn, and re-learn.

Why Newcastle University?

I was so keen to study at Newcastle University because it enjoys a unique academic position and an unparalleled academic reputation in the western world –  their graduate employability is premium. I was confident that the Newcastle MBA would be a worthwhile experience for me because I have had interactions with current and former students, and they attest to the quality of the programs and the numerous opportunities available to them upon the conclusion of their studies.

Secondly, the school being a Triple Crown Business School is already a great achievement and a selling point on its own. This is one of the reasons that made me choose the Newcastle MBA over other Business Schools.

Furthermore, the Newcastle University MBA program is futuristic – it positions its candidates with the ability to tackle existing and emerging challenges in the world of work.

Scholarship Award

I received an Advancing Women in Leadership Scholarship Full Fee Award, and this was a major achievement coming from a high-rated university. Previously, I was offered a scholarship in Recognizing Talent and Achievement in Leadership Award which was 50% of the tuition fee. The scholarship was a major sealant to my decision. Newcastle University has numerous scholarships offers and is something worth trying to secure.

Newcastle Environment

The serenity of Newcastle and its social life was another key factor that attracted me to the school. The wonderful information I gathered through social media, especially Twitter, aided my move. Newcastle has notable areas for leisure and sightseeing like the Discovery Museum and Millennium Bridge and is also well known for the welcoming nature of the people.

The Experience

It has been a wonderful journey so far and nothing short of my expectations. The courses are embedded with lots of information and continue to serve as eye openers. I value the expertise of the tutors who seamlessly deliver in-depth knowledge, and my course mates from different nationalities and cultures who enrich the learning perspective. The school management has tremendously encouraged us by putting in place different tools to accelerate our on-boarding and learning process like the wellbeing program and the Academic Skills Kit (ASK) to help with academic writing.

I recommend Newcastle University to prospective postgraduate students as all of these different aspects are even better in experience than I imagined. Meanwhile, I have been intrigued with the Financial Accounting module, especially the analysis element, and will be navigating from Sales to Analyst soon.

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2 thoughts on “My MBA Journey

  1. Very great experience from an appreciative mind. A great write-up that would massively stir the interest of would-be students to come to Newcastle.
    Keep up the spirit and the sky is your limit. God will lighten your steps. Bravo, Chi!

    1. Congratulations Sis! Your experience is quite an amazing one! You stooped to conquer the fear of uncertainties and opened the doors of hope and more aspirations to everyone that comes your way. “Impossible is nothing”. Many have revamped the urge to further their education and you have also assisted those who reached out to gain admissions. Wishing you greater heights and grace to keep the fire burning.

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