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My Favourite Spots Around Newcastle

Newcastle is host to a passionate world-leading university which isn’t the only factor that entices students from across the globe. The city of Newcastle is like no other. There is something for everyone with diverse locations and activities that accommodate any interest.

My top 3 spots in Newcastle:

  1. The Bigg Market

It’s no secret Newcastle is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and the Bigg Market is the place to be for students. It is the heart of student nightlife with prominent bars such as Market Shaker and Greenhouse which are popular for social events. I was introduced to the Bigg Market through university socials and friends who lived in Newcastle before I attended Newcastle University. It’s my place to go to on a night with friends due to its range of bars with different styles of music.

  1. Tynemouth

Basically, Mallorca in the summer. Tynemouth is a popular day trip for students in all seasons to get an escape from the city and university mindset. It’s easily accessible due to the frequent Metros which run every 10-12 minutes. In summer, the wide beaches in Tynemouth are stacked with students enjoying sports on the beach and the few that dare to swim in the sea. It’s a great place to socialise and relax. I enjoy going late afternoon for the sunset and notorious fish and chips. An interesting fact I learnt when visiting Tynemouth last summer was that it is famous for being a surf championship venue and you can learn to surf there in summer – should have guessed with the winds you get in Newcastle.

  1. Exhibition Park

The one thing which amazed me about Newcastle when I first moved there was the amount of green space it has, and Exhibition Park is definitely a main contributor to that. It offers an enticing opportunity for a walk with friends and offers great views of the city whilst surrounded by great landscaping. It often attracts runners due to its flat paths and different running routes. In addition, it has free of charge football, basketball, and tennis courts which me and my housemates use to our advantage as they’re rarely full. It also has a well-maintained skate park which adds to the park’s perks. Although, I’d warn you to wear a hat or hoodie if you’re planning on going for a walk there as the Newcastle wind is definitely accelerated in the open space.

These are just a few locations which I visit frequently in Newcastle. I would recommend prospective students to visit these locations as they definitely created a sense of home for me in Newcastle, offering different activities to give me a break from university work. I instantly felt at home when I discovered Exhibition Park because my home is very much in the countryside so the move to a city was exciting and challenging. But these places offer a sense of identity around the city and are popular amongst students for a reason – because students can recognise them as places they enjoy.

City Life

Newcastle offers a lot in a small space: it has everything you need in a city and beyond. Its versatility is what attracts students and young people across the country. Newcastle’s culture is very much focused around football with the stadium being visible from most points in the city. It’s directly opposite the Business School and it’s a great place to visit. I also thoroughly enjoyed walks down by the quayside during my first year as it was closer to my accommodation than it is now. The quayside offers stunning views both day and night, with the lights it projects across the river.

I hope you enjoy discovering Newcastle for yourself!

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