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My day at Dynamo Conference 2018

Networking, technology, new digital trends and very interesting, engaging and enjoyable talks were all combined in Dynamo 18 conference, at Newcastle University Computing Science Building.

As an E-Business Masters student, I really enjoyed this event. The conference host, Tamandra Harkness, along with other speakers, started the event in a very entertaining way by highlighting the growth and positioning of the North East within the technology ecosystem in the UK, and creating great expectations for what was going to be indeed a great tech conference.

Throughout the day different talks took place, covering a broad spectrum of topics including: cyber security, tech entrepreneurship, talent in digital businesses, digital health,  and shared services among others. I found three specific talks very interesting: Tech Marketing, AI/Robotics and Challenger Banks.  

From the tech marketing talk I would underline an interesting message stressed by the speakers: people want to buy from people. Even though technology is at the top of every business and marketing strategy, people still prioritize the interaction and relationship with others when deciding to buy a product/service. The AI/Robotics talk emphasised the way in which these trends are creating new challenges and opportunities for people and companies, as well as discussing the possible impacts in society with the continued growth of these technologies. Finally, the interactive session addressing challenger banks was an enlightening talk regarding FinTech trends, as well as the huge opportunities for both the users and banking industry with the increasing positioning of challenger banks.

I would like the conference to have lasted at least two or three days rather than just one, in order to cover and develop each topic in more detail. This was a great opportunity for networking and learning in an interactive way, as well as keeping up to date with technological trends.

~Daniel Grisales Soto

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