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Moving to Newcastle from Northern Ireland

The initial feelings before you move will definitely feel daunting as for many people this will be the first time you will be living away from home. Not only are you living away from home for the first time, but you now have to start taking more frequent airport trips. You will meet flatmates and friends that will live nearby and have added bonuses of being able to go home and do laundry and see their family on weekends. If you meet some good friends, this just means you will have the opportunity to go visit where they are from too with free accommodation. Something to be grateful for is that it is most likely cheaper and a lot faster for Northern Irish students to get home than English ones. What is most important is to remember that you can see your friends and family in between semester breaks and also that they most likely will want to visit you as well!

You must remember what drew you to go to Newcastle in the first place whether it is to experience the nightlife, what the city has to offer or the quality of your course. Newcastle has a wide selection of things to do that Belfast or outskirt towns maybe don’t offer. A list of exciting things is Ghetto Golf, The Dog and Scone and also visiting the Quayside. It has so many new things you can try as well as maintaining some of the home comforts! There is an Irish style bar called The Points which hosts Irish Dancing on the weekends and of course, St Patrick’s day is a greatly anticipated day just as much as it is at home.



Another exciting prospect is the Northern Irish people you haven’t met yet that will be your future mates. So many students take the leap and move over in order to try something new so, take comfort in knowing loads of people are in the same boat as you. The accent is so noticeable and always a talking point to make new friends in bars and lectures and it will always be mentioned and complimented even if people might not understand you and the Belfast slang. English slang is a whole new ballgame that you will have to start learning from the minute you arrive and the adaption of it into your everyday language will definitely be laughed at when you go home.

To make the shift even easier there is also an Irish society and an Irish Dancing society at university where everyone will have either made the move like you already and be able to give you advice, or they are in the process of doing the same.

Overall, Newcastle is the perfect fit for someone that wants to increase their independence and try somewhere new. It has so many things to do, people to meet and isn’t too large that it is intimidating! My advice is to take advantage of these things and don’t be scared to try things you haven’t done before. While you might miss your home luxuries, it makes you appreciate them that much more when you go home. Also, it is an extremely good interview point to discuss your independence from a young age!


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