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Meet the Class of 2020 – Kadri Ann Rebane

Hi my name is Kadri Ann Rebane, and I studied BSc Marketing with Study Abroad and Industry Placement


What is your favourite memory of your time at Newcastle?

There are so many! But one of my favourite memories is working on my final year Marketing Consultancy Project. Being a person who enjoys teamwork and bouncing ideas off one another, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working hard together with my fellow students towards a common goal and all of us being extremely motivated to do our best. In addition to the great sense of achievement when the project was finished, I gained friends for life. Definitely the right choice picking Consultancy Project instead of a dissertation.

Marketing Consultancy Team

What is the best thing about Newcastle?

Newcastle is a gorgeous city with the beautiful North East coast being just a few miles away and the Quayside with its cool pubs, cafes and brewery. But the best thing about the city is its size – not too big to get lost in the rush and spend too much time commuting and not to small to get claustrophobic and boring. It has a perfect balance and so many opportunities and initiatives for each taste if you know where to look for them.


What would you tell your previous self /advice to new students?

Advice that I would give to my previous self who just started university or to any new student is to speak up in the lectures, actively participate in seminars and volunteer to present any group work. Interacting in the lectures is the best way to learn and sharing your ideas gives a new perspective to the topic and helps to understand it more in-depth. I was quite shy in my first year to speak up and did not feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with 300 other students, but overcoming that fear really helped me to get more from the course.

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START UP awards

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

That is a tricky question as no one knows which opportunities and challenges life holds for me. But knowing my ambitious and adventurous personality, I would be eager to start my own business. First, I would like to gain more professional experience working in marketing for some years and then focus my time on creating something I am passionate about. At least that is the dream.


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