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Meet the Class of 2020 – Jade Dunlop

My name is Jade Dunlop and I have been studying Accounting and Finance BSc, through the Newcastle University Business School. Sadly, my time in Newcastle has come to an end so I am going to go through some of my highlights!

Jade at Dog and Scone in Newcastle

My favourite memory from my time at university would be some of the events I have had access to through different societies. I really enjoyed RAG week and Fresher’s crew because I got to meet so many people outside the Business School and on different courses. Through Fresher’s crew, I had the opportunity to do a bunch of cool activities such as paintballing and quad biking and even got a tour of the Newcastle United Football Stadium where I eventually got a job!

The best thing about Newcastle is the friendly locals and the size of the city. People are always willing to help you out when you are initially getting your bearings and Newcastle is the perfect size that everything is within walking distance but still so much to do to keep things exciting such as the Dog and Scone and the vast selection of nightlife.

Jade and her friends with Disco Wilbur – part of Elmer’s Great North Parade

The advice I would give to new students is to make sure you take control of your studies from the offset. Using your time in the best way allows you to do other things all year rather than just at the start. Also, the best approach to getting to know new people is by joining the societies that interest you. This opens doors to different opportunities as well as potential new friendships. For example, some societies offer holidays and trips! Watch out for what is going on in the Students’ Union, because there are lots of things through ‘Give it a Go’. Through this, I got a discounted trip to Edinburgh for the day and went bath-bomb making at Lush, so it is worth keeping an eye out!

Jade rockclimbing

In 5 years time, I hope to be working in a city where I have the opportunity to travel to different clients. Travelling is important to me so I could even be living somewhere new for a while. I am hoping to work in finance, but I am open to trying different opportunities that come my way!


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